NO2 Explode Extreme

NO2 Explode ExtremeThe health market is bloated with pre-workout supplements that claim to give you stronger muscles in a short duration. Choosing between these supplements can be tricky as a good number of them are fake. NO2 Explode Extreme has been a popular pre-workout supplement among bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Why is NO2 Explode Extreme popular?

A quick round of enquiries has revealed that the NO2 Explode Extreme is popular simply because it works! Regulated intake of the NO2 Explode Extreme has resulted in increased strength and endurance among bodybuilders – claims a few bodybuilders who were interviewed at the gym. The users claim to workout longer and harder after taking the supplements. Above all, there have been absolutely no side effects.

Is this safe? What are the ingredients?

The NO2 Explode Extreme is a completely safe drug with absolutely no side effects. The ingredients used in the NO2 Explode Extreme are:

  • Alpha ketoglutarate
  • Caffeine
  • Beta Alanine
  • Stearates
  • Arginine

The above mentioned are the major ingredients and what makes NO2 Explode Extreme special is the proprietary formula that optimizes oxygen intake and muscle growth.

Benefits of NO2 Explode Extreme

This is where the NO2 Explode Extreme scores quite well. A comparison of the benefits that can result from the use of NO2 Explode Extreme with that of other pre-workout drugs quickly revealed that the NO2 Explode Extreme is far more superior in terms of both the quantity and quality of the results.

  • Increases aeration and oxygen intake, which is very crucial when working ou
  • Enhances the muscle mass
  • Results in increased stamina and endurance
  • Gives you a 7-hour boost to the overall energy levels
  • Results in increased strength and visibly better muscles
  • Does not conflict with your regular bodybuilding diet
  • Increases the weight shredding rate

How does NO2 Explode Extreme work?

The ingredients used in the making of NO2 Explode Extreme are widely known to increase oxygen intake during workouts. This is a very crucial factor, when working out since the amount of calories you burn is directly proportional to the amount of oxygen available to your body. Intake of the supplement about half an hour before you start your workout dilates your blood vessels and prepares your body for the heavy workout session that is to follow. NO2 Explode Extreme is also enriched with nutrients that are vital for muscle growth and also increases the protein production rate in your body.

Beta Alanine and alpha ketoglutarate contained in NO2 Explode Extreme helps pump up the muscles faster. Unlike other pre workout supplements that pumps up your muscles temporarily and then leaves them to decay once you stop the intake, NO2 Explode Extreme gives the user permanently stronger muscles that last a long time even after you stop using the product and stop working out.

Who can use NO2 Explode Extreme?

Almost everyone can use the NO2 Explode Extreme! There is no prescribed age limit but since most people stop working out after they turn 50 or 55, the effect of the product on older users has not been extensively studied. Even though the product is widely marketed as a pre-workout supplement for men it is completely safe for women too. The recommended intake is 2 pills half an hour before the workout for men and 1 pill half an hour, before the workout for women. The pill is to be taken with water.

The NO2 Explode Extreme can be ordered online at the product’s official web site.

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